Duane Adams receives Republican Nomination for Mineral District Board of Supervisors seat

May 22, 2017
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Duane Adams receives Republican Nomination for Mineral District Board of Supervisors seat

-Board of Supervisors Mineral District Announcement Statement-


LOUISA – Today, Duane Adams, 16 year resident of Louisa County, received the Republican nomination for the Mineral District Board of Supervisors seat. Duane is married to Susan Adams and has two sons Dakota and Tyler, both graduates of Louisa County High School, and one granddaughter, Raylin.

 “Louisa County is a great place to live, work, and retire,” Adams said. “But I know it can be even better. I'm running for Mineral Supervisor to bring 35 years of business experience to local government creating jobs, balancing budgets, and growing our economy. I know we can do more for local seniors, our school children, and working families across the county.”

 Duane’s business background includes 35 years of experience in the insurance industry where he has co-managed a $33 million sales organization. He knows the challenges of hiring, meeting payroll, marketing, paying taxes and dealing with government regulations. Additionally, he and his wife own one of Lake Anna's largest lawn care companies. Duane is also a partner in one of Virginia's largest outdoor guiding services. Over his career, he has provided jobs and careers for hundreds of people. This experience makes Duane keenly aware of the value of a dollar, hard and honestly earned.

 Duane has a long history of community involvement. In his youth, he was superintendent of Sunday schools at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church and was later appointed to the West Virginia House of Delegates, becoming the youngest member in state history. Duane was elected state president of the West Virginia F.F.A., a Vocational Agriculture organization that remains critically important to rural communities like Louisa.

Prior to moving to Louisa Duane lived for 12 years in Hanover County. There he was appointed by the Board of Supervisors to the Hanover 911 Street Naming Committee and the Hanover Environmental Committee, which he served as chairman. Duane and his family are active members of New Life Community Church in Louisa where they support the church family feeding programs.

Duane’s campaign will focus on three issues which are critically important to Louisa County: Fiscal Responsibility, Government Accountability, and Community Quality of Life. Duane believes it is time the Mineral District is represented by someone with the right business experience to know how to market Louisa County as a great place to live, do business, and raise a family and who understands our hard-earned tax dollars belong to the citizens of Louisa – not the county government.

“I believe we can do better. I believe Louisa County has a bright future and with the right leadership we can provide a wonderful quality of life for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren,” said Adams.



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