Opinion | Duane Adams, #1 for Jobs

Take a poll of your friends and family, ask them whether they travel more than 45 min to work. Odds are most of them will say “Yes.” That is because, according to realty statistics, over half of the people in Louisa County leave the county to work. Unless you work at a gas station, Dollar Store, or cut grass (not to disparage these jobs); jobs are few and far between in Louisa.

Duane Adams, the candidate for the Mineral District Supervisor seat is a businessman. He knows how to balance a budget, market, and provide people with employment opportunities. He’s been doing it all of his life. Duane owned his first business in his early 20’s, running a greenhouse and florist shop. Since then, he has operated his insurance business, hiring hundreds of people over the years. Currently, in addition to the work he does in insurance, he owns a local landscaping business here in Louisa.

We need someone with a mind for business to help make Louisa an attractive place for new businesses to open and for existing businesses to grow. Who better to do that than a man who has been creating jobs his entire life?

Mariann Rigsby

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