The Government Doesn't Love You


Many people have a vague notion of what conservatism is, but frequently and boldly hold opinions that are in stark contradiction. As a conservative, I know that I am better equipped and better qualified to make decisions about my own life than a politician or a bureaucrat. I believe that government exists to do those few things that we as individuals acting alone cannot. The purpose of government is to protect our freedom to be the author of our own destiny, yet far too often people who claim to share this belief give up their freedom of choice to government.

Of course, it’s always done “for the greater good” or to fulfill someone’s good intentions. There’s only one major flaw— government is equipped to protect our rights…and not much else. Government isn’t supposed to be your pastor, priest, or rabbi. It can’t be you doctor, or your mother, or your father. It certainly shouldn’t be your nanny, though people try so hard to make it. The government doesn’t love you.

I probably sound pessimistic, but there’s good news. There is someone perfectly equipped to solve society’s problems: You. It’s also me. It’s all of us working in voluntary cooperation to find solutions to society’s common problems. You may think, “But, that sounds like government.” You’re missing a key word, “voluntary.” Stop paying your taxes and see how voluntary your relationship with government is.

America is one of the most charitable countries in the world. For just about every cause, there are people voluntarily donating their time and resources to make a positive change. We don’t need to be conscripted, our wealth needn’t be taxed and redistributed in order for one man to help another. Yet why have we seen a decline in charitable giving over the last two decades? My view: We’ve abdicated the role of caring for our neighbors to the government. It seems many people have concluded they pay taxes to help the needy, so there’s no requirement to do anything else. However, when looking in-depth at many government programs, the people they are intended to help have little statistical increase in quality of life. Government doesn’t love you—but people do.

These beliefs were instilled in me by my father, Duane Adams. He is running for the Board of Supervisors and if you share these beliefs, I encourage you to vote for him and the rest of the Republican ticket this year.

Reader, I believe in your compassion to voluntarily help a neighbor in need. I believe that you can plan your life better than a bureaucrat. Please don’t let your freedom to do so slip away.

Tyler Adams

Mineral, VA

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