Statement on Broadband Vote

At this weeks Board of Supervisors meeting I placed a resolution on the agenda to void the contract Louisa County has signed to build wireless internet towers. Unfortunately this motion failed by a 4-3 vote. Effectively the Board of Supervisors has said that every taxpayer will pay for these towers regardless of coverage in your area or if you sign up for service.

The Broadband Authority can not provide an estimate of potential coverage area, providers, cost for service, data speeds, data limits....yet we are being asked to spend $1.1 million on a shot in the dark. During my campaign I promised to question every dollar that you as tax payers send to the County, I am keeping that promise.

Internet access remains one of the most vital issues facing Louisa. Lack of reliable service impacts our school children, business development and citizens, the current plan does very little to address any of these issues on a wide scale basis.

I understand that emotions can and are running high with this issue, however I believe we can all agree that Internet access is important enough that we get this right.

During my campaign I presented many alternative plans that are working across Virginia and the country which do not require local tax dollars and let the real experts drive the solutions. We have to look no further than Culpeper County which recently saw a local provider step forward with micro-spots and "White Space" technology.

My hope is that by continuing to ask the hard questions and keeping this issue front and center we will work together toward a plan that provides a future proof solution that positively impacts all of Louisa County.

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